Case Studies

The Hedgehog

Title: BRE approved Incising Technology

Product: "The Hedgehog"

Country: United Kingdom

"The Hedgehog" incising machine and BRE approved incisor tooth pattern are proving to be a commercial success with a growing market for both incising machines and incised posts predicted.


Walford Timber has received many enquiries about their incising technology since its launch last year, with strong interest both in the UK and from Ireland. North West Timber Treatments Ltd is the first to have taken delivery of their own machine. North West Timber Treatments are a major supplier of treated timber in the North West of England and the ability to incise their own material was a key factor in their decision.


This surge in interest has led to an agreement to take over the European sales and marketing of the technology, allowing Walford Timber time to focus on their core business. Walford Timber are very happy to share this technology with the Timber Industry but needed a partner with national and international resources to make the most of the opportunities presented. As a long established merchant and timber treater they see the introduction of incising into the UK in order to enhance the treatment of Home Grown Spruce, and other resistant substrates, as a very positive step.