LATVIA - Case Studies

WT Terminal

Title: Latvia's wood processing industry

Product: MicroPro Treated Timber

Country: Latvia

Latvia's wood processing industry has once again distinguished itself among its neighbouring countries. Since mid June WT Terminal, the market leader in the Baltic States, has become the first company in the region to offer MicroPro impregnated timber to the Latvian wood processing industry.


WT Terminal board member Andis Bunkšis, said “the decision to invest in the new technology is a step toward the future.” Bunkšis added “his company is working hard to find new clients, and that successful negotiations have begun with several large manufacturing enterprises in Latvia which are interested in the new product because it offers a chance to find new markets and develop new products.”


The product is already approved by the Nordic Wood Preservation Council (NWPC) and included in the national standards of many European countries as a timber preservative system, a key advantage when exporting timber materials.


Despite its recent introduction to the Latvian market, SIA PATA AB, one of Latvia's largest sawn wood manufacturers has already made use of the technology, with MicroPro treated timber being sold by the company at its stores in Riga and Saldus.