Celbrite - Koppers Preserved Timber

Koppers Celbrite® is a range of preservatives for the intermediate protection of freshly sawn wood during transport, storage and drying. Freshly sawn timber is commonly attacked by different species of blue stain and mould fungi after a short period of time. If the conditions are suitable, fungal spores are able to germinate and the fungi will spread across the surface of the timber, causing an unattractive appearance, devaluing the timber. Wooden fruit boxes and pallets which come into contact with food or other perishable goods are particularly sensitive.


Timber should be treated with Koppers Celbrite® immediately after sawing and has no negative impact on subsequent drying of the timber. Wood properly treated with Koppers Celbrite® solution remains clean, provided the use instructions are followed.



Koppers Celbrite® FS2

As the structure of Potassium Sorbate is closely related to constituent parts of alimentary fat, it is metabolised in the human body in the same way. Consequently the toxicological profile of Celbrite® FS2 is such that UIC (Union Internationale des Chemins de fer) has assessed and certified the product as suitable for use in wooden packaging with direct contact to food.


The advantages are obvious

Due to the low eco-toxicological profile and low impact on nature, there are typically few restrictions from local authorities on the use of Celbrite® FS2. In Germany for instance, and contrary to most ordinary wood preservatives, Celbrite® FS2 is classified as Water Hazard Class 1 (WGK 1) and only requires the necessary precautions for this particular Water Hazard Class. Potassium Sorbate has been notified for use in accordance with the Biocidal Products Directive 98/8/EC. Celbrite® FS2 is approved by UIC as an anti-sapstain for 'EURO pallets'.


Easy and simple to use

Celbrite® FS1 is supplied as a concentrate which is readily soluble in water and can be applied by dip, spray, immersion or flow coating.