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FirePRO - Koppers Preserved Timber

Fire Retardant Treated Wood Products

Koppers FirePRO is an interior high temperature fire retardant chemical formulation based on proprietary Koppers technology. Independent testing performed in accordance with industry standards has shown Koppers FirePRO FRTW products exhibit fire performance properties without compromising other critical engineering properties such as strength, durability, corrosivity, and hygroscopicity. Koppers FirePRO is a WPA Approved Product under their Flame Retardant Quality Scheme.



Koppers FirePRO FRTW products are permitted for use in above ground interior applications where the adopted building regulations permit the use of wood products, or fire retardant wood products, such as roof systems, sheathing, joists etc. It can also be used in other interior applications such as exhibition stands. The specifier and/or end user is responsible for reviewing the test data on Koppers FirePRO FRTW products to determine if they are acceptable for the intended end use.


Koppers FirePRO treated wood may be used in above ground external situations where it is effectively protected from direct rainfall and weathering. External grade wood coatings may give adequate long term protection, in combination with a programme of planned maintenance. Check with a coating manufacturer before use.





Koppers FirePRO Standards and Specification Information

Koppers FirePRO fire retardant treated wood products (FRTW) have been tested to BS EN 13501-1:2002 Fire classification of construction products and building elements.


These tests are commonly referred to as 'reaction to fire tests'. Reaction to fire tests are commonly called up in regulations in both the building and transport sectors. The classifications of flammability are A1, A2, B, C, D, E and F.


This table gives an overview of the classifications:


Koppers Performance Chemicals currently holds approvals for many of the most commonly specified species. Below is a list of just some of the approvals held.



Further materials are undergoing testing on a continuous basis, please contact us for a comprehensive list. Please check with Koppers Performance Chemicals for specific sizes tested and approval classification achieved. Koppers FirePRO treated wood products can also be CE marked.


Koppers FirePRO is able to meet the requirements of HR (humidity resistant) treatment and DI (dry internal) specifications. Koppers FirePRO is approved by London Underground as a suitable fire retardant treatment for timbers to be used in their construction and maintenance projects, approval reference ID 1327.


Koppers FirePRO is availbale as a service treatment through our treatment partner PTG Treatments.