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MicroPro® - Koppers Preserved Timber

Revolutionary New Technology

Koppers MicroPro based on revolutionary micronized wood preservative technology has distinctive product features, when compared to other current copper based systems. The MicroPro wood preservative technology is a proven method of manufacturing high pressure applied industrial wood preservatives.The MicroPro wood preservative system is based on micronized copper and organic co-biocides. Micronized Timber looks different because it is different and offers many benefits, including:


MicroPro Sets Environmental Benchmarks for Wood Preservatives

The MicroPro wood preservative technology is being used to create a new generation of wood preservatives across the world. European versions of Micronized copper preservatives are manufactured, using the proprietary Koppers MicroPro technology, under the control systems of ISO 14001, the recognised standard in Europe for environmental management.



The MicroPro technology has been awarded the GREENGUARD Children & Schools Certification. The GREENGUARD Children & Schools Certification SM programme approves products with low volatile organic chemical (VOC) emissions that are suitable for use in schools, offices and other sensitive environments. More information available at


Modern Lighter Appearance

Micronized Timber is lighter in colour compared to current copper based treated products. The unique appearance differentiates the product in the marketplace, permitting contractors to build with treated timber that appears more natural in appearance.



MicroShadesMicronized Timber products are also available in an attractive light brown colour when produced in conjunction with the new MicroShades® colour pigment system. MicroShades is the first pigmented wood colourant system that can be used 'in solution' as part of the wood impregnation process. This system provides a significantly improved colour life in treated wood products, compared to traditional dye based systems.