Products Overview - Koppers Preserved Timber


From the revolutionary MicroPro® preservative system, to Advance Celcure® , Protim® and FirePro®, Koppers Performance Chemicals delivers the top quality timber preservative protection products and brands our customers trust. We are a leader in innovation, product development, and marketing services. The longstanding tradition of technical support, sales, and customer service are an integral part of our business. 


The availability of products in the various countries in which we operate are subject to individual national and technical approvals and areas of focus. Below is an overview of the Koppers European product mix. Click on the product for more info.


Treatment Use



Celcure® is a copper based preservative system, designed for high pressure treatment, ensuring penetration deep into the wood structure -providing protection where it matters (Celcurised timber). Suitable for Use Classes UC1, UC2, UC3 & UC4.



MicroPro® is a revolutionary preservative technology based on micronized copper, quaternary compounds and azoles that is being used to create a new generation of wood preservatives across the world. Suitable for Use Classes UC1, UC2, UC3 & UC4.



Aquatan is a decorative finish for fences and sheds available in a range of colours, it comes as a concentrate which is diluted in water and applied by dipping, coarse spraying, deluge or brush.

Exterior Fire-X


Exterior Fire-X fire retardant treated wood (FRTW) products are pressure impregnated with Exterior Fire-X, a leach resistant (LR) exterior grade high temperature fire retardant chemical formulation.

Koppers Interior


Koppers fire retardant treated wood (FRTW) products are pressure impregnated with a FirePRO interior high temperature fire retardant chemical formulation based on proprietary Koppers technology.


Protim FrameGuard


Protim FrameGuard is designed to give short term flame spread performance in framing timbers during the construction phase of building as part of an overall risk management strategy.




Protim® is an organic based low pressure preservation system, for timber used in construction projects that require protection to Use Class UC1, UC2, UC3. External applications require a suitable external coating, which should be maintained in service.




MicroShades® is unique as the only pigmented timber colourant system which can be used 'in solution' as part of the wood impregnation process.

Koppers Royale


Royale is a pigmented oil-based pre-finished timber cladding system used in conjunction with copper based treated timber as part of a two stage process.


Koppers Celbrite


Celbrite is a range of preservatives for the intermediate protection of freshly sawn timber during transport, storage and drying.