Koppers Royale

Koppers Royale is a two stage treatment process which incorporates two independent Koppers systems to create a stabilised pre-finished product with enhanced performance properties for use in various external applications, reducing the need for hand application of a coating and costly short term maintenance. The product is suitable for application within the timber cladding, fencing and pre-stain decorative timber market sectors.



The Koppers Royale Process

Stage 1: The timber is preserved with an Koppers copper based preservative system.


Stage 2: The timber is placed into a stabilizing oil processing plant and subjected to a controlled combination of vacuum and temperature to initiate moisture removal. The heated blend of stabilizing oil is introduced under vacuum into the vessel and this accelerates the moisture removal. The removed moisture is replaced with the Koppers stabilizing oil. A final vacuum is applied to remove excess oil and the Koppers Royale timber is allowed to dry.



Koppers stabilizing oil is a timber treatment which moderates the absorption of moisture by timber and provides protection against surface moulds and blue stain fungi.


Koppers stabilizing oil is applied at an elevated temperature using specialist equipment supplied by Koppers Performance Chemicals.


The Koppers Stabilizing Oil process adds performance characteristics to the base product. It is designed to seal, stabilise and protect the timber surface, reducing cracks and surface deterioration caused by the natural swelling and contraction caused by moisture movement in unprocessed wood.


The stabilising oil on its own does not protect against wood decaying fungi or wood destroying insects. However, in combination with Koppers copper based wood preservative systems, it creates an innovative building product, Koppers Royale.